Gregor Martynus

Welcoming Communities

JavaScript communities, be it around open source projects, meet ups or conferences, have a tradition of being very welcoming and invested into growing their contributors and maintainers, both in quantity and diversity.

But how does it work? How to bring people together who would love to participate but often don’t know how on the one side, and maintainers who appreciate every kind of contribution? There seems to be a big gap, because if there is one thing we learned at Hoodie & the JS Conf family, both sides exist, but are still figuring out how to close the gap.

In this talk, I’ll talk about what works for as at Hoodie, and how people perceive us as “one of the most diverse and inclusive [Open Source] communities”, without the code part being even ready :) Expect a lot of practical tips that will help you contribute to open source (with so much more than just code), and how to maintain and grow your own projects without loosing the fun and burning yourself out.

Code of Conduct

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