Pawel Szymczykowski

Why did the robot cross the road? Computer vision, robots and mobile games.


The popularity of mobile gaming and in-app purchases has changed the way games are played. Once upon a time, the only limit to how far you could progress was your skill level and persistence. Now, games seem to be designed to hinder us until we have either shelled out real currency for a lot of virtual gems, or watched a lot of advertisements. That’s not fun, that’s tedious!

Robots are good at tasks that require precision and speed, but they are also great at tasks that are tedious and require an infinite amount of patience. What if we programmed a robot to do the crap parts of mobile games for us? Then we can enjoy the fun parts and / or collect all of the things as we of the Pokémon generation have been programmed to do.

In this talk we’ll learn how to use an open source robot called Tapsterbot, a webcam, and Node.js OpenCV bindings to teach your computer to play your favorite mobile games for you (or just watch the ads) so that you can do more important things!

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