Open Source beyond software


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a secret going around that will probably startle and shock software developers the world over.

Code isn’t the most crucial part of your project.

At its best, open source serves to empower the recipients of its brilliance through technological innovation. At its core, open source is a jumble of information created by people to be used by other people, like any other transactional relationship before it.

Yet open source is viewed as being a “members only“ club for those who speak its language.

That‘s dumb and I’m here to throw that old ideology out in favor of inviting a more realistic one: open source is for everyone.

At Hoodie, we recognize that the best open source projects hold strong values like diversity, empowerment and decentralisation. So it only makes sense for an entire project to be built by an amazing and dedicated community consisting of developers and non-coding experts. We began doing this last year by holding an open call for editorial contributors to join the team. The response was overwhelmingly positive.

People have been waiting for an opportunity to join your open source communities, but first you have to prepare the way. I’ll be sharing the lessons learned from Hoodie venturing into the exploration of inviting non-coding experts to join forces and how the results of this experience have brought us closer to modern open source, beyond software.

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